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Welcome to my Art Gallery

this page is in dedication to my favorite works of art, both classical and modern. I hope some of these pieces speak to you like they speak to me.


"Nascita di Venere" (The Birth of Venus), Sandro Botticelli, 1485.

"Naissance de Venus" (The Birth of Venus), Alexandre Cabanel, 1863.

"Le ravissement de Psyche" (The Abduction of Psyche), William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1895.

"Spleen et Ideal" (Spleen and Ideal), Carlos Schwabe, 1907.

"La Mort de Sapho" (The Death of Sapho), Charles Amable Lenoir, 1896.

"L'Ange d├ęchu" (The Fallen Angel), Alexandre Cabanel, 1847.

"Flying Fish", Herbert James Draper, 1910.


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"Farmland Sunset", oil on canvas, 2018.

"Self Portrait", oil on canvas, 2018.

"The Blue Lagoon", oil on canvas, 2018.

"Shelby GT350", marker and watercolor on watercolor paper, 2018.

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