Purple Electricity Lightning

these are some of my favorite songs of all time.
each one has rightfully earned its spot here
because it means something special to me.

lyrics here

Drop Nineteens ~ Angel

you must be an angel, I can see it in your eyes.

You Love Her Coz She's Dead ~ Break

how many times have I run with a knife?

Code Orange ~ Forever

I'll burn my gods down

GGFH ~ Skalpel

insert the needle—with no remorse,
metal and flesh have intercourse

VR SEX ~ Snake Water

kiss me and take my gun...
some speak with their tongues and some speak with their eyes

Narrow Head ~ Nervous Habits

they came for us, I walked away

Eisbrecher ~ Zu Sterben

zu sterben fällt so leicht,
bitte, bitte
mach's dir nicht so schwer
komm her!
erst wenn du zerbrichst, die welt dich vermisst,
weißt du wofür du lebst.

Deftones ~ Elite

you're into depression
cause it matches your eyes
stop the faux to be famous
confused? you'll know when you're ripe

GGFH ~ Fiending Korpse

giving me these feelings I don't really feel
no one can stop me now, I know that this is real

Crystal Castles ~ Knights

angels die...

KMFDM ~ Ikons

the dead are implicated, implied but never stated.
carve me out those other words to live by

Acid Bath ~ Tranquilized

sedated and lazy
cold skies full of blue
the sun burns forever,
it reminds me of you.

on your dead shore,
the sand is warm.
she hides her tears and quickly lets it die.

I will make it through even without you.
my sky will be blue
I live tranquilized.

KMFDM ~ A Drug Against War

line after line, round after round,
empty shells fall to the ground.
faster than lightning, high as a kite,
sonic bombardment brighter than sunlight.

Acid Bath ~ What Color is Death

what color is death?
the shade of an icepick sinking into flesh
sex n sex n sex n death
I don't want you, I want your flesh.

KMFDM ~ Salvation

I want to feel it, hold it in my hands.
I want to see it, with eyes of innocence.
I want to hear it, touch it with my soul.
make me believe in the unbelievable.

Atari Teenage Riot ~ Speed

it's too late to create a new world!

KMFDM ~ Megalomaniac

like a fiendish tropic virus spitting bile at all you whores,
razor sharp tongue-in-cheek poking in your open sores
a wolf in sheep's clothing—the ultimate disgrace
wrapped up as a gift of god exploding in your face.

Rammstein ~ Sonne

alle warden auf das licht
fürchtet euch, fürchtet euch nicht
die sonne scheint mir aus den augen
sie wird heut nacht nicht untergehen

Sugarcoma ~ Blisters

I've been breaking since my birth,
death is easier if life is worse.
I pray that I might survive,
but I'm withering inside.

KMFDM ~ A Hole in the Wall

when I have to die, then I want to be poisoned by your blood.
I have not learned enough, my hands in chains,
the brain...
a hole in the wall.

The Danse Society ~ Angel

put that gun to your head, pull the trigger now you're dead!

Sonic Youth ~ Shadow of a Doubt

must've been a dream from a thousand years ago.

Crystal Castles ~ Fleece

I love your ambiguity...

Acid Bath ~ Cassie Eats Cockroaches

cassie likes it in her hand, cassie's dead inside.

Nymphs ~ Just One Happy Day

why do I always want what I always can't have?
when I have it in my hand, someone always takes it back
just one happy day
the trees are scared and so am I today
they wait with me, we wait for happy days

Oingo Boingo ~ Grey Matter

there's something inside your head...

Alice in Chains ~ Dirt

I have never felt such frustration or lack of self control.
I want you to kill me and dig me under,
I wanna live no more.


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