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My Philosophies


The meaning of life is a simple one, and it is to be happy. The very chance of us even existing is such a blip in the space time continuum that there is really no other reason to be alive other than to be happy. Everything that exists currently has always existed in other forms. Souls are energy, which is constant and cannot be created or destroyed. When you look and the grand scheme of time, everyone's souls start somewhere. Some souls have been on this Earth before, while others are here for the first time. Not all souls come to this earth multiple times, but some do. People who are described as "outgoing, lively, friendly" are new souls and it may be one of their first ventures on this Earth, so this is all new to them. They are excited about life and other people, and eager to get to know others. They are usually not very wise and may often seem shallow due to their naivety about life on this Earth since they have not experienced it before in past lives. People who are described as "quiet, reserved, keep to themself" are old souls who have many past lives behind them. These types of people find comfort in things that existed on this Earth before they were born, like music, decor, style, clothing, etc. They typically do not enjoy interacting with other people because they have already interacted with so many other people during past lives that their interest in other human beings is depleted. The reason why some souls come back to this earth to live another life varies between souls, but most of the time it is because they still have outstanding lessons to learn. Many people die unexpectedly without learning all the lessons the universe had intended for them during their lifetime. This is okay, for the cycle of souls continues to repeat infinitely.

Death is something that is majorly stigmatized by humans. They believe that all death is bad, when in reality, death is a neutral occurrence, just like life. The spur of life coming to be out of nowhere one day was a neutral event, just like the very first death. Human emotions, especially of love, make death more difficult than it needs to be. On a universal level, when something or someone dies, they simply cease to exist from this Earthly plane in that body. Their soul may transcend other parts of the multiverse and go to other planes, but the soul has departed the Earth and should be forgotten as such. It is disrespectful to do and say things on behalf of a deceased person when they no longer exist to have an opinion on anything. It is best to just forget about deceased people after a proper funeral. For they are in fact in a much better place than this one. Existence on Earth is just a temporary excursion. Nothing should ever be taken seriously. After each one of us die, we will all go back to the eternal sleep. In fact, after death is the same as before birth. We have already experienced the nothingless void before, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Religions make understanding this very complicated because religion is purely a figment of human imagination. In order to know what happens after death, you need to remove all preconceived notions and think of everything on a purely scientific, universal, neutral level. Because above all, that's all we really have. There is no proof of any religion existing beyond human imagination. There is no punishment and no repentment after death. Just eternal peace, which you will not remember because death is almost exactly like sleep. The only difference is you are still alive during sleep, thus you dream because your brain is still working. In death, it is just nothing. and that is not something to be afraid of at all.


Humans, in theory, are not bad. But what they have done to existence on this Earth is absolutely shameful. Humans are naturally not bad creatures. If a human spent their whole life solitarily living in the woods and never having known about civilization or met anyone outside of their immediate family members, that human would live a perfectly peaceful existence. However, because of the industrial revolution which is a result of human greed and selfishness, humans have completely fucked up everything natural and good on this planet, which is not an exaggeration. If you think of the natural and good things that exist on this planet today, for example hiking, that has been overrun by capitalism, which urges you to buy the best gear. Social media then urges you to post your best pictures and show off to your friends and family and even people you don't know how picture-perfect your life is. The worst part about this way of life is that it is almost impossible to escape. Once you know about it, you are immersed in it, and once you are immersed in it, there is no way out, because everyone else is already there, and the system has a "fear of missing out" built in so that even if you do escape, you still have that brain-rotting worm in your head telling you what you're missing on. That is modern life.

I credit the industrial revolution as the major downfall of the modern world. Before industrialization, things were more quaint. There were not machines doing the work of hundreds of men in one day. Things were more realistic. I realize that industrialization was meant to help people and future generations, but I think all it did was screw humanity in ways unimaginable at the time. It all happened because of greediness and selfishness—for more food, more money, and more free time. That was when capitalism started taking over, and humanity really turned bad as a whole. Companies started pushing unsustainable choices like single use plastic bottles over sustainable choices like glass bottles in order for companies to make more profit. There were a lot of technological advances, but it was all for more money for corporations, and was executed with ill will, like making things to only last a short amount of time so that you buy another one soon, and thus resulted in corruption that only got worse. That was generations ago. People now are suffering the consequences more than ever. To live used to be considered a gift, now it is a punishment. The generation I currently am a part of is known as the generation that will never own a home and never retire. Inflation has ruined the modern world more than anything, and so quickly too. People now are working harder than ever for scraps, and more people are living paycheck-to-paycheck than there should ever be.

The way of natural human existence was always superior—for themselves, for others, and for the planet. Human selfishness and greediness turned the entire race as a whole into corrupt monsters—trying to be better than others, richer than others, smarter than others. Everything that came with the industrial revolution ruined the way of natural life. The time period where human life was most pure and as it was intended to be was caveman times. Humans were most animalistic, and there was no self consciousness, no show-off-y competition. Just competition for food and the best resources, which is how wild animals today live. But with all the irreversible damage that humans have done to the mind, body, spirit, and especially the planet, no one could ever live like that again. The human mind is tainted. You are the byproduct of thousands of years of human breeding which selectively bred out those survival and strength qualities that all humans once possessed genetically. If one wanted to live that sort of lifestyle today, the best way to do that is to live completely off grid. Learn survival tactics, grow your own food, and live in a shelter you built. Minimize all contact with the modern outside world to close to zero. Otherwise, there is no way humans can ever get back to the way life was intended for them.


Religion is something that is totally subjective to each individual. Chances are, if you ask someone what their religion is, they will say they believe in a higher power of some kind. This is something that all religions across the board have in common. Some people are very dedicated to an organized religion, while others worship in private, and some people don't believe in anything at all. All of these beliefs and ways of living are fine and valid. Religion is made to be something that gives people hope, and to act as something to live for. Oftentimes, people get to a point in their life where things start falling apart and crises begin to unravel and they look to a higher power to give them strength to get through their issues. The way the universe works is it answers these prayers in ways the individual can notice and appreciate in terms of the religion they believe in. Religion is something that divides people, just like countries, politics, and opinions on other worldwide issues. In reality, we are all just humans. Nothing should divide us. But it does, so this is how the universe compensates for it.

The universe is not god, but one could argue that god is the universe, which is the way things work to provide or not provide for all life forms on earth, as well as all things existing in this universe (on other planets), living or not. We are just one of many things the universe caters to everyday. A formal "god" does not exist. It is physically and mentally not possible for there to be a big man in the sky granting everyone's wishes. Any holy book was written to entertain the fellowship of the religion and make it more believable to its people. Praying may give someone hope in the moment, but in reality it does not do anything. The universe has its own set of plans for every person that comes and goes on this realm, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Belief in a specific religion is still not a bad thing, because at the end of the day, the intention is to relieve the stresses of everyday life and give people hope. Religion becomes a problem when people abuse it, spread false information (like saying that you will burn in hell for sinning or not believing in god), and violently push their beliefs onto others. Religion and beliefs are a very personal thing, and should not be forced upon others. Everyone is repsonsible for making their own decisions in their life and finding their own way of beliving.


Suicide is justified only if the soul has decided that they can no longer stretch their happiness any further. People who are depressed and suicidal (a side effect of the awful acts of industrialization and commercialization) will often still be able to find a couple things worth living for, like family or friends, a hobby they really enjoy, sunlight, etc. they will often stay in their life due to these little things that make them happy, because truly, it is always the little things that make life worth it. And because suicide is so extremely stigamatized (moreso than just normal death), in this society, it makes the process even harder.

It is true to just enjoy the short life that you have and live it out as far as you can, because this existence you are in right now is completely unique to you. No one has or ever will live another life like yours, or live in the body you live in currently. Even you will never live in your body again once you die. It is a very temporary thing. Everything in this world with respect to each little human life is very temporary, and anything can change at a moment's notice. However, the truth is that life never really gets "better" on its own. You need to change things in order to make it more livable for you. Things only get worse because you perceive them as getting worse because you are not changing anything to make your life more comfortable for yourself.

"Nothing happens until something moves." -Albert Einstein

Ending one's life because they can't find a way to make this all work for them despite trying every possible thing to fix it is justified. However, ending one's life on a whim because something bad happened to them and they haven't thought about the consequences of their actions is not justified. Most people who commit suicide choose the latter. This is technically okay, but everyone deserves a chance at life, and a chance at happiness. Everyone should try their 100% hardest to make this life work for them, because each life born on this earth is its own special and unique one. There has never been and there will never be again another being like the one you currently are. But some people just can't figure out life in this world, and it is more ethical to just let them end their own life and try again in another life (should they choose to come back) than to keep putting them through daily mental anguish and pain.


Love is the number one quality that makes the world go round. It's the reason why you and I are here, and the reason why everyone who's ever came before us was here. Love is the root of it all. Love is the reason behind everything. Love is passion. All the buildings you see were built by workers who got that job so they could make money and provide for their family that they love. Love is the center and the root of everything in our world, and it is the one of the most natural things that has stayed resilient through all of the changes humanity has been through.

When you find someone who you feel a special soul connection to, it should never be ignored. You will come across only a handful of people who will ignite such a fire within you, sometimes a fire that can never be put out. This is one of the most special feelings that a human being can have. It is a pure spiritual connection, and means that this person contains stardust (stardust being the particles that make up your physical body) from one or multiple past lives, or you have interacted and had a connection in a past life before. It's why some people and places seem familiar to you even if you've never spoken to the person before or been to the place before. It's all about past interactions that you were not conscious for, but your stardust was there, and it recognizes the other person, place, or thing. If the love is romantic, you are soulmates. If it's platonic, you are soulkin.

As far as Earthly marriage, it's definitely advised to marry your soulmate if you can. If not, it's is a matter of who you can find that you can tolerate the best for the rest of your time on this Earth. Always marry someone who is your best friend and you know your personalities get along well. Personality is the only thing we have for our entire lives. Looks fade. Money goes away. But personality stays forever. That's part of your soul, seasoned with the addition of how you have been treated in this world. Finding people you love is just a matter of finding people who mesh well with your personality.

Time Travel

Time travel, or reality shifting, is indeed a possible feat. I will not share everything I know about the subject because it is very complicated and very dangerous to attempt if not executed properly and with pure intentions that do not disrupt the passage of time. But what I will say is this: if you want to time travel, it needs to be to a very specific date, time, and location. You must already be in the location you wish to travel to. You must be dressed to properly reflect that era, all the way down to the exact years that each and every piece of your clothing was made. You must remove anything from the room that does not already exist during that time, even if it means you are in a completely empty room. You must refeed the date, time, and location into your brain, by telling yourself over and over that you are there, and it really is that time. You must hypnotize yourself. You must truly believe it with your whole heart and soul. It may take hours, and your first attempt will likely not work, but if you keep trying and having stronger and clearer intentions each and every time, you can successfully travel through time. Be warned however, that if there is anything on your person at all that reflects the modern era, and you see it, you will be instantly transported back to your time, and be left extremely physically and mentally weak and exhausted when you return.

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