Purple Electricity Lightning

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all photos here were taken by me

blue hour; September 2022

an angel i saw in the clouds

the foliage outside my work on a summer morning

driving home

lost highway

Bar Harbor Maine; July 2022

me during blue hour; August 2022

streaky lights

end of the day

winter sun shining brightly

my dog's first time at the beach; June 2021

some cute flowers i saw on a walk; June 2021

on a road trip; July 2021

sunset at waffle house in South Carolina; July 2021

concrete sky

Niagara Falls; October 2021

Niagara Falls; October 2021

Niagara Falls at night; October 2021

a mango smoothie i got in Key West; July 2021

outside the Ritz Carlton in Miami FL; July 2021

Key West FL; July 2021

Key West FL; July 2021

Miami FL; July 2021

Miami FL; July 2021

summer sunrise; June 2021

me; 1999


DEF! TONES! 18 May 2022


*THE* STEPH CARPENTER who gave me a guitar pick after the show

during digital bath; my fav light setup

Chino walking towards me :)

i love the lights

Chino singing to me during Bloody Cape :)

he was literally singing right to me

Chino completing my heart!!!

another view of him completing my heart :)

my guitar with the pick Stephen Carpenter gave me

RAMM! STEIN! 31 August 2022

after Du Hast

Feuer Frei!

Paul pointing at me during Ich Will!

Paul looking at me!! i love him so much

me on the big screen during the fan cam!!!

i love them so much

pure euphoria

Till's water bottle that we caught!!!

the picture that was posted to all of Rammstein's offical accounts after the concert.
look who's front and center with the burning man shirt!!!!!!!!!

me in front of KMFDM's tour bus!!

hanging out with Sascha Konietzko before the show :)

KMFDM!!!!!! 14 October 2022



i can't believe i met him

Lucia is such a good performer

i was right front and center as i had hoped

this is when Sascha pulled his glasses down and looked into my eyes while he sang "you'll be godlike"! my friend took this pic.

me with Andy Selway!

me with Lucia Cifarelli!

ME WITH SASCHA KONIETZKO!!!! my life is complete.

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