Purple Electricity Lightning

all photos are mine!

a painting i did in a college art class; February 2018

a self portrait i did in the same college art class; February 2018

painting of my dream beach in fiji, done in the same college art class; February 2018

watercolor and marker drawing i did of my dad's car for father's day; June 2018

watercolor i did of Colorado; October 2020

my birds: pina and kiwi on Halloween 2021

my KMFDM t-shirt collection

my KMFDM CD collection

one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes

my dog Murphy sleeping in the car; April 2022

Murphy waiting for me to come to bed; November 2021

Murphy enjoying a nature walk; March 2022

Murphy's first time at the beach; June 2021

lazy Sunday; September 2021

Murphy at Valley Forge; July 2021

lazy snow day; January 2022

Murphy watching traffic; May 2021

Murphy at Cape Henlopen; June 2021

me in Mexico; July 2019

sunrise; December 2021

me modelling; January 2020

some cute flowers i saw on a walk; June 2021

on a road trip; July 2021

sunset at waffle house in South Carolina; July 2021

me being the flower i am and soaking up the sunshine; May 2021

Cape Henlopen day trip; June 2021

Niagara Falls; October 2021

Niagara Falls at night; October 2021

a mango smoothie i got in Key West; July 2021

outside the Ritz Carlton in Miami FL; July 2021

Key West FL; July 2021

me modelling in Key West; July 2021

Key West FL; July 2021

me at the butterfly observatory in Key West; July 2021

Miami FL; July 2021

Miami FL; July 2021

jellyfish at the Baltimore aquarium; February 2021

me at the Baltimore aquarium for my birthday; February 2021

summer sunrise; June 2021

me in New York; August 2020

me visiting Philadelphia for my birthday; February 2022

i decided to dress like i was in the Matrix for my birthday this year

i think i did a great job capturing the vibe

hell yeah this was so much fun

me at my professional ass job (these photos were taken by a photographer for the company site)

i really used to wear goth clothes doing this

me wandering the train station; March 2022

me; 1999

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