Purple Electricity Lightning


all written by me


fantasies of escaping the body
and being rescued by nature
constantly live in my mind.
apathy fills my heart,
disdain fills my soul.
and all i want is a one way ticket home.


caught in a strangely isolated place,
situated somewhere between dreams and reality.
a cursed reality,
a distorted reality,
that which doesn't even belong to me.
so help me gods, allow me an escape
a door, a portal
to seek transcendence.


lost...swimming in a dream of you.
seems like forever i've been trying to get back
in the sunshine of your love.
endlessly aching for you,
my diamond angel,
that i would give anything in this world
if it meant i could join yours
for just a moment.


instincts, fate, and purpose,
you never really know,
but you can feel it.
the presence of angels all around
kissing softly my existence
through time, space, gravity,


suffocating screams
impending death
certain destruction
empires fall
life is transient
but we burn
night is dancing
with glittering coal


to exist is a prismatic experience
defined by variation.
each shade in response to the spectrum
of a diamond shining its facets.
refracting from the abyss
into the horizon lies the answer.


i desire to go above and beyond
float amongst the stars and the clouds
view everything from up above
way, way up above
holy like god
where no one can touch me
i am elevated
living above and separated from everything below.


my heart, a shattered beam, blanketing the estuary
i am no longer thwarted by the laws of nature
becoming one with the universe
now i'm nothing.

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© 1999 - electropsyoptica