Purple Electricity Lightning


everything is dark
in my head now.
all fuzzy, with bits of light
scattered throughout.

the world is closing in on me
a little bit each day,
a little bit at a time,
slowly but surely ensuing the end
of my long overdue departure.


i am in a strangely isolated place
caught between dreams and reality...
a cursed reality,
a distorted reality,
that which doesn't even belong to me.
from dust i came, and to dust i will return.


lost...swimming in a dream of you.
seems like forever i've been waiting to get where i'm going;
in the sunshine of your love.

i long so hard for you
my diamond angel,
that i would give anything in my world
if it meant i could join yours
with you, for eternity.


i am missing from my world
it is not this one
take me home,
take me away,
the sun reminds me of home
it is the only commonplace between my world and this one
for love...
for love...


ich möchte mit ihm zusammen sein.
ich möchte von deinem warmen Fleisch umgeben sein.
die schönen Geräusche, die er macht, sing mein Lieblingsleid.
die schönsten Geräusche des schönsten Jungen auf diesem schrecklichen Planeten.
meine Zunge tanzenden auf seiner Haut.
reine verdammte Lust.
ich kann nicht aufhören an ihn zu denken.
seine süßes warmen Haut.
sein zartes Fleisch.
ich sehne mich so sehr nach ihm.
ich werde bald wieder bei ihm sein.


i want to go above and beyond
float amongst the stars and the clouds
view everything from up above
way, way up above
holy like god
where no one can touch me
i am elevated
living above and separated from you all
instead of amongst you filthy pigs.

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